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Current Family Estrangement Research: Jason Robinson

researchOne of the wonderful benefits of grad school and my own research about family estrangement is it is facilitating networks and links with other researchers who are also studying estrangement.

Jason Robinson is a UK counselling psychologist who recently completed his doctoral thesis:  Negotiating Adult Family Estrangement Through Time: A Grounded Theory of Personal, Interpersonal, Social and Symbolic Process. Jason has graciously allowed me to link to his valuable research and make it available to my readers, free of charge.

For those of you with an academic bent and a desire to know what is happening in family estrangement research, I heartily recommend a read!

Stand Alone

stand aloneLooking for more “how to get through Christmas” resources? There’s a relatively new organization in the UK called Stand Alone. They’ve put together a festive guide/ resource that you might like to have a look at. They’ve also got some great UK based support and a Facebook group. Check ’em out!

First Steps On A Great Journey

first stepsI’m popping in to say hi *wave* as I’ve been busy the last 10 days or so helping some wonderful people begin a change journey.

I asked course participants to think about what they had learned across the first week of the So Darn Happy, Think I’ll Change e-course. I’ll leave it to them to share their thoughts if they want to – but I wanted to share some of mine, about things I have learned or been reminded of as I facilitate this adventure of change.

  1. Many estranged people are powerfully motivated to do something different, to change and to heal.
  2. Many estranged people have tremendous grit and courage – they show up and stand up even when circumstances and relationships have pulled them down.
  3. Many estranged people have glorious senses of humor! They laugh, they joke, they poke fun at themselves – they remind each other not to take everything so darn seriously!
  4. Which also reminds me, many estranged people are amazingly, incredibly resilient! They have time earned strategies for keeping their heads up; they are resourceful.
  5. Many estranged people are so incredibly aware of others, have great desire to be of service, to nurture, support (and sometimes to fix or change, oops!) They have kind and generous hearts.
  6. We all come to estrangement in our own way, with our own stories. Many estranged people are COMPLETELY and WONDERFULLY able to accept, hear, and support other estranged people who have a different story or different journey. They aren’t tolerant… they are inclusive.
  7. Many estranged people are prepared to take risks in the pursuit of their growth and healing.  They are willing to hammer away at a task, 2, 3 4 or more times, to complete that task.
  8. Many estranged people have been wounded right to their core. They are vulnerable, sometimes fragile, yet they are authentic with their feelings. They remain willing to open, to take emotional risks. They are emotional warriors!

Our group of partners in change is a wonderful group and great things are happening.  The thing is I wanted to remind each of you, my e-stranged readers, that you too possess all these wonderful qualities!

Being estranged is not a life sentence of despair.